About Us

About Parsheh
Amir saman Ranjbar began his work in advertisement in 1385, under the brief title of negaran.
he with the purpose of change in the attitude of advertising and, by gathering creative and innovative youths proceeded to work in the fields of culture and art by holding traditional ceremonies such as Yalda & 4-shanbe soori and also cooperating in cloth & dress designing complex of Bahreini.
In 1387, by shaping the main frame of his work and adding executive forces and also registering Parsheh as an absolute iranian brand, he put a ateady step forward to his ultimate goal of reviving iranian culture and art.
Parsheh by using creativity and leaning on iranian elements and by integration of imprinting and drawing on clothes has succeeded in creating beautiful iranian clothes and dresses such as shawls, tops and pinafores, mens`wears, ladie`s wears and.... which all adorned by pure iranian design and writings.
we hope that this pure iranian clothing culture will ornament all iranians in near future.

*Parsheh in Farsi Means Iranian Girl and Speak*

Managing Director : Amir Saman Ranjbar

Photographer : Maryam Naseri

Designer : Pejman Ebrahimi

Calligrapher : Arash Haghdoost